education reform e-spaces
Do Students need a reformed education system for a changing world?
Do students ultimately leave school prepared for the working world? Is the stress that is placed on these...
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e-spaces accelerate newsletter
E-Spaces Newsletter Updates January 2023
Happy New Year! Get Our latest E-Spaces Newsletter Updates, for January 2023. We are progressing in making...
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headteachers strike e-spaces
Could head teachers be the next to go on strike?
School headteachers in Wales have gone on strike to express their concerns about the future of education...
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teacher stress levels e-spaces
When will something be done to tackle high teacher stress levels?
Teacher stress and the lack of progress in tackling teacher well-being is driving many teachers away...
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digital skills e-spaces
Why do teachers need help with digital skills?
Teachers need digital skills for their students to succeed. It is giving them new ways of imparting students...
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School rebuilding for Ed-tech e-spaces
The School rebuilding programme: good for ed-tech?
Incorporating ed-tech into a school's rebuild is key to maximizing the future. Schools and teachers work...
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Post Pandemic Recovery e-spaces
Post-Pandemic: Are we recovering?
EdTech can help with pandemic recovery by addressing the teacher shortage through outsourcing and reducing...
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Angel Oak Academy featured e-spaces
Angel Oak Academy
Angel Oak Academy aims to invest in each student's personal, intellectual, and cultural experiences to...
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digital technology e-spaces
Why is there still a digital disadvantage in UK schools?
Factors that contribute to the digital disadvantage in UK schools: Lack of equipment. Limited access...
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agile method education e-spaces
Applying Agile thinking in the class
The Agile Manifesto is a set of twelve principles and four values applied in software development. These...
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