Advanced Strategies for A-Level Resource Creation

Introduction: Advanced Strategies for A-Level Resource Creation

Creating A-Level resources that effectively guide students through the curriculum while keeping them engaged can be challenging. This article focuses on advanced strategies for  alevel resource creation helping you in planning for the whole of the academic year and creating or finding already created resources that keep students motivated.

Strategic Year Planning

Autumn Term: Establishing Core Knowledge

September to October: Start with the essential theories and principles. For A-Level Chemistry, this might include atomic structure and bonding.
November to December: Gradually introduce more complex topics and practical applications. Use frequent quizzes to assess understanding and provide feedback.

Spring Term: Expanding Skills and Knowledge

January to February: Encourage students to undertake independent projects or research. This helps develop critical thinking and deeper understanding.
March to April: Conduct regular review sessions and practice exams. Focus on areas where students typically struggle.

Summer Term: Intensive Revision and Practice

May to June: Organize focused revision sessions on key topics. Use exam-style questions and timed practices to build confidence and familiarity with the exam format.

Motivational Techniques

Varied Learning Activities: Incorporate different types of activities, such as group work, debates, and problem-solving tasks, to keep lessons dynamic.
Scaffolded Learning: Provide structured support that gradually decreases as students become more confident. This can include guided notes, step-by-step problem-solving guides, and model answers.
Real-World Applications: Link lessons to current events or real-world scenarios. For instance, relate economics topics to recent financial news to highlight their relevance.


Advanced planning and innovative teaching strategies can make a significant difference in A-Level resource creation. By focusing on core knowledge, expanding skills, and providing structured revision, you can help students achieve their full potential.

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