At e-Spaces, we are committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our operations and supply chain. We recognise our responsibility to uphold fundamental human rights and ethical labour practices, and we condemn all forms of forced labour, slavery, and exploitation.

As part of our commitment to combatting modern slavery, we have implemented robust policies, procedures, and due diligence processes to identify and address any risks within our business operations and supply chain.

These measures include:

  1. Supplier Screening: We conduct thorough assessments of our suppliers and partners to ensure they comply with relevant labour laws and ethical standards. This includes verifying their adherence to anti-slavery and human trafficking policies and conducting regular audits and site visits.
  2. Employee Training: We provide comprehensive training to our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery risks and empower them to identify and report any suspicious activities or concerns. Our training programs cover topics such as recognising the signs of modern slavery, reporting mechanisms, and the importance of ethical sourcing.
  3. Code of Conduct: We have established a Code of Conduct that outlines our commitment to ethical business practices, including respect for human rights and labour standards. Our suppliers and partners are required to adhere to this code as a condition of doing business with us.
  4. Reporting Mechanisms: We maintain accessible and confidential reporting mechanisms for employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to raise concerns or report instances of modern slavery or human trafficking. Reports are promptly investigated, and appropriate actions are taken to address any identified risks or violations.
  5. Collaboration and Engagement: We actively engage with industry partners, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations to share best practices, collaborate on anti-slavery initiatives, and advocate for stronger regulatory frameworks to combat modern slavery.

Our commitment to eradicating modern slavery is integral to our corporate values and business ethics. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and transparency in our efforts to combat this abhorrent crime and uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals within our sphere of influence.

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