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Resources used in lessons

Proven to reduce planning and Marking while increasing engagement and attainment

Finally teachers can truly differentiate their lessons effortlessly with engaging content helping students achieve their full potential with ease. Reduce the burden of manual marking while delivering lessons with rich engaging content and real time assessment tailored to the national curriculum and see your school results soar.

The much needed lesson delivery content and decision making platform is finally here!

Let us do the hardwork so you do not have to.Use an easy traffic light system to progress your lessons.
Connect directly with your learners with instant feedback to help you plan quickly, easily with confidence. The teacher can use our ready made content or quickly put together cutting edge content with a quick cut and paste from content tailored to the national curriculum. Or even select from free or low cost open source content which we have put together in a catalogue so you do not have to spend hour searching online, with more added everyday.

What people say...

The app is very simple to use and efficient in helping drive classroom assessment and in tracking how the student's understand the lesson being taught. The students were also excited to try the app out. I feel it would be a positive addition to a teacher's classroom tools.

Matthew Jessop Crostwaithe Primary School

I very much like the idea of reducing teacher workload through the use of a digital learning platform, I look forward to seeing how your team can develop E-Spaces further

James Spiller St. Jerome Bilingual School