Why introduction of technology is crucial for future of teaching

technology for future of teachers

How investing in the future now can help retain teachers of the present

Workload among teachers continues to rise, class sizes are still growing, and reports of mental health issues among staff are at record levels.

We are at a tipping point in the battle to retain teachers, with research suggesting that 44% are planning to quit within the next five years.

The COVID pandemic forced schools to act and bring in new technology quickly in order for disruption to children’s learning to be as minimal as possible, and it’s little surprise that since lockdowns have become a thing of the past, many schools are continuing the conversation about how they can adapt and modernize the classroom to prevent being caught out again.

Children are the reason schools exist, and everything should be done with them in mind. But it is also crucial that schools focus heavily on providing teachers with tools that help, rather than hinder them. Here are three reasons why ed-tech can stop talented educators from feeling the need to step away:

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Reducing unnecessary admin

One of the key reasons why teachers are leaving is the workload. So it seems obvious that finding a way to cut down the amount of time spent doing tasks will go a long way to reducing the burden that they feel every day.

Automating mundane tasks like marking homework and other box-ticking exercises would give teachers a lot of time back which can be used to focus more energy on the students themselves.

Teacher training

A lot of training nowadays is done virtually, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is another way that teachers can make use of the time that is saved by a lighter workload.

It feels like while so much effort went into making sure pupils were affected as little as possible during the pandemic, development opportunities for teachers fell by the wayside. Allowing them to attend workshops, be mentored, or even receive mental health care when required will go a long way to helping teachers increase efficiency and productivity in the classroom.

Feeling valued

Nothing makes any person in the world of work feel more valued than when employers take the time to listen and action ways to increase efficiency in the workplace, and teachers need this more than ever.

Investment in technology is happening in schools, but not all ed-tech works for the benefit of those who use it most. Giving teachers some freedom to judge which technology truly makes a positive impact on everyone is vital for the future of teaching.

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Modern problems require modern solutions, and while technology is a long-term investment, it can make an immediate impact on those who need it most.

The e-spaces app certainly has teachers in mind. By giving them an easy and automated way to test what students have learned while lessons are going on, it eliminates the need for regular homework, reducing manual marking significantly. To find out more, fill out our contact us form.

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