Why are teachers skipping meals?

With less money allocated to food each month due to rising living costs, one in three teachers skip meals. This is a statement from the National Education Union of the UK.

The survey also revealed that one in five educators under 29 now work two jobs in addition to their full-time jobs, with others turning to food banks to meet their basic food needs. This is causing a mass exodus of teachers from the classroom into higher-paying industries.

Excessive workload and low pay are the main motivators. There has been no improvement in the situation since strikes began in February 2023. This has had a devastating effect on the education system, as the lack of qualified and experienced teachers has hampered the development of children and society alike.

If this continues, teacher recruitment will decline, and the teacher shortage will worsen. As a result, one in ten teachers is predicted to leave the classroom in two years. What steps can be taken to support teachers? If you can, give teachers financial advice on how to stretch their limited resources. A variety of services are also available to help with budgeting, mortgage issues, and rent arrears and payments.

Schools can give employees motivation and a pleasant work environment. No matter how chaotic and out of control the environment is, what little is done makes a big difference. Teachers also require coaching, mentoring, and professional development. Schools can work to address the underlying causes of financial difficulties and fight for improvements on behalf of teachers. People can also support policies that support education funding and teacher support by participating in campaigns on behalf of teachers.

Employing Edtech to lighten the load. Teaching effective tech tools, such as a digital assessment tool for use in class, can help teachers. This will significantly cut down on marking, evaluating, and recording time. The teacher will be able to quickly catch up with those who are falling behind in a matter of minutes with their help. Teachers' stress levels will even drop.

Teachers are integral to E-spaces. It has tools made by teachers to help teachers. Its digital assessment tool, which is currently in beta, is accessible to everyone. As the school term starts, consider signing up to use this tool. This will support all teachers and head teachers at your institution. Brigham Young, an American religious leader, once wrote: “Education is the power to think, the power to act well in the world's work, and the power to appreciate life.” Let us help teachers impart this power.

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