Top EdTech Tips from Asia’s School System

Asia’s school system has long been admired for its outstanding academic performance. This is due to the five reasons listed below, one of which is EdTech!

The Asian education system is highly competitive, and students are driven to succeed and outperform their peers. Hence, the average PISA score for Asian countries in 2018 was above 500, which was above the average of 487 points. A high emphasis is also placed on rote memorization, which helps students retain information. Is there a way to achieve the same results in the UK? I have outlined five tips below.

  1. Culture of Education: Education is highly valued in many Asian nations, and as a result, there is a culture that supports students’ efforts to work hard and accomplish their objectives. In promoting education and supporting students, parents and teachers are equally significant. Students are instilled with a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic by this educational culture.

  2. Discipline and hard work. Students are expected to arrive on time for class, attend regularly, and finish their homework. This promotes a strong work ethic in students. It also aids in the development of academic and career skills.

  3. A rigorous curriculum is highly valued in the Asian educational system because it helps students get ready for both higher education and the demands of the workforce. Students will be given the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their future careers as a result.

  4. STEM emphasis: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects are given a lot of attention. These topics are essential for the workforce of the twenty-first century and are in high demand across numerous industries. Asian educational systems are preparing students for the future labour market by emphasising STEM fields.

  5. EdTech use:  Asian nations have invested heavily in technology and make extensive use of it in the classroom. This made it possible for teachers to design engaging and interactive lessons that aid students in comprehending difficult ideas.

How can we imitate this school system?

Imagine being in a classroom where eager learning is the norm. Students actively engage in the learning process, and all of their work and any additional information they might receive based on their understanding are meticulously documented. A classroom where every student has a tablet or computer and access to cutting-edge information.

An app created in the UK by a teacher for teachers and students aids in fostering an educational culture. It will be accessible on all mobile devices that students frequently use and is available for all subjects, including STEM. Students will have to work hard to complete the assessments on time because they will be timed. The application will soon have a feature where lesson plans and resources can be updated. It is possible to create and modify a demanding curriculum to meet the needs of the teacher and the students. The purpose of the application is to simplify and lessen the strain of the teacher’s job while increasing engagement in class.

At E-Spaces, we offer such an application. It is currently being beta tested, but that does not mean you cannot sign up. Take advantage of this tool to succeed in class at the Asian level by clicking here

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