Tailormade assessment


The skills and learning abilities of students differ, yet they are tested on the same things in the same way. Is there a better way to evaluate them in an assessment?

Research by My Online School, cited in Bauhaus Education, states that over three-quarters of students in years 10-13 believe their assessment system is outdated and needs an upgrade because only memory and not the actual skills are tested. The  Independent Assessment Commission (IAC) researched equitable and reliable assessment that fits this new digital era of assessment. The evidence clearly showed that change is inevitable to assist students currently for the future. With the current shortage of skilled labor in the UK, a need to mentor students from a young age to fill these positions is a must. How can a teacher help a student to fill an employment gap in the future? It is dependent on identifying and growing their skills. Can digital assessment assist in the identification process? Let us see how.


Digital assessment can easily be adapted to identify students according to their learning abilities such as visual, tactile, and verbal. Aside from identifying students’ cognitive skills, the assessment facilitates their development toward the skills employers seek.

The ideal digital tool should offer real-time assessment to enable the teacher to implement a tailored evaluation system for building students’ skill sets. Thus grouping students into compatible groups of different learning capabilities helps teachers focus on building the skill sets. Digital assessment tools are now available, but none offer a real-time appraisal. A digital mechanism of this nature would enable the teacher to start career guidance early.

Imagine having such a tool that can assist the teacher to identify the skills in real time. A beta version of such a digital tool is out. Fill in the contact us form to find out how you can gain access to this real-time assessment tool.

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