School in focus: Eltham College

Welcome to our monthly “School in Focus” series, wherein we shine a spotlight on a school. We're looking at Eltham College for March 2023.

This South East London school has a junior school and a senior school that serve students from the ages of 7 to 18. Additionally, it has a sixth form with a practical curriculum that gives students a taste of life after high school in order to help them choose the right careers. This strategy is fully supported by their mission, which is summarised by the statement that they want to be a thriving, leading institution that offers exceptional and comprehensive education founded in Christian values to students of all genders. Let's observe how they learn, demonstrate passion, and have the zeal to achieve such a challenging mission each day.

Wellbeing among students

The first step in developing a well-rounded student is to support each one in being themselves, expressing themselves, and being accepted for who they are. Eltham College accomplishes this in numerous modest but important ways.

“Catch them young,” goes the theory. Instead of exams in the sixth year, students participate in a three-year program designed to help them adjust to high school. The program combines the daily academic, cultural, and extracurricular activities that make up senior school life. This not only alleviates exam-related stress but also encourages the daily discovery mantra. As a result, the program's numerous initiatives will make senior high school less intimidating, more alluring, and bearable.

Eltham College strives to encourage students to pursue their dreams through various initiatives, such as gender equality forums, visits from experts in various fields, and extracurricular activities. All students have different interests and passions, which is reflected in the number of activities available. The wellbeing curriculum is built to incorporate the 5 R's, which state that each student should develop resilience, respect, relationships, responsibility, and readiness. Constant goal building and skill set career advice:


Wellbeing among staff

The college has seven aims. Having a strong community where staff and other individuals assist students in fulfilling their mission is one of the seven aims. But how are educators set up to accomplish this? Teachers who are recognised for their abilities and expertise are recruited by passionate staff members. These educators are then provided with ongoing professional development opportunities and access to the latest technology and teaching resources to ensure they can effectively engage and inspire their students. Additionally, a supportive school culture that values collaboration and continuous improvement is fostered to enable educators to thrive in their roles.

Academic Success

Students who have a passion for learning perform well academically. All academic inquiry is designed to be enjoyable and stimulating, to plant the seeds of a lifelong interest in the search for knowledge. How does this work? First off, the curriculum for junior and senior high schools is designed to help students become more independent learners by teaching them a variety of useful skills that will help them learn. At the centre of this process is a focus on student learning. Learning is made easier by effort, perseverance, adaptability, and teamwork.

The curriculum is intended to be challenging. Through modeled instruction and deliberate practice, the students master key concepts in mathematics, gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle even the most challenging problems. All of the students study contemporary foreign languages, such as French and Mandarin. They examine both classic and modern texts in English. Teachers are constantly looking for new ways to challenge and stretch their students' capacities.

The results in 2022 demonstrated the impact of such a potent co-curriculum. Students received the following grades, as noted: 85 percent at the I/GCSE level; 74% A*/A at the A level (80% A*-B). The success rate is even lower going back to 2019 (the last pre-pandemic results), with 85% at I/GCSE and 68% getting A*/A (93%) at A level. Due to its increased value added and successful final results, the school was nominated to be one of The Sunday Times Top 30 independent secondary schools.

Use of EdTech

Eltham College is a leading educational institution in the use of digital tools. Each classroom has an interactive screen, and students can access Microsoft Surface from computers scattered throughout the school. There are three workshops equipped with computer facilities, and the full Microsoft Office package allows students to use basic programs and project management software. Technology is a part of their everyday lives, from designing code in 'Scratch' to researching a history project.

The design work studios are capable of completing KS3 work as well as being adapted for the specialist areas taught at GCSE and A level. The department has a dedicated CAD/CAM suite, which includes a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, a plasma cutter, a combined routing/milling machine, and a variety of A3 printers. Textiles Club, DT Club, and Greenpower all use the facilities to design, build, and race electronic cars as part of a national competition.

There is a need to find out what homework you missed. Satchel, an online tool for keeping parents informed, is used by Eltham College in place of the customary circular distribution. enhances teacher-parent communication.


As the famous American psychologist Carl R. Rogers once wrote: “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” Eltham College has taught students to learn by adapting to this ever-changing world.

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