E-Spaces Newsletter Updates December 2022

newsletter e-spaces November 2022

Season’s greetings, and as we wrap off the year, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening at e-Spaces.

We are award winners!

We won our very first award on our first nomination! Corporate Livewire’s awards highlight small and medium-sized firms contributing to the economy. Over 90,000 people in varying professions agreed that we deserved to be the award-winning app in 2022. What exactly does this mean? It implies that even before our Beta version is released, we have a fantastic image of the service it will deliver. This acknowledgment from such renowned organizations honors and humbles us as a company. We are excited to release the BETA version of our application to prove we deserve the award.

We’ve got board!

A board of directors is essential for a company to reach its full potential. As a result, we are growing aboard. We currently have three members. Ken Smith has extensive experience assisting start-ups in becoming established businesses. Mike Griffin is familiar with technology solutions, applications, and software development and will bring that knowledge to the board. Entrepreneur Kevin Smith serves as a mentor and counselor, helping new businesses all the way to the point of publishing a book.

We have support!

Digital Catapult recognized our potential for economic growth. They are a UK authority that provides diverse businesses with the services they require to provide answers to their industry’s unique difficulties. Through peer-to-peer networking, mentorship throughout important stages of growth, business strategy, and access to cutting-edge facilities, the companies are helped to grow.

As a catalyst, they provide our company with the resources it requires to flourish. They have also offered mentoring support to ensure we are on the right track toward making learning seamless, fun, and connected. We are grateful to be a part of such a large national innovation community.

Our second school in focus is out!

We started a newsletter to highlight several schools that deserve commendable recognition. This month, we’re looking at Kensington Primary School and the innovative headteacher’s efforts to turn it into an outstanding school.

New Collaborations!

We have a new product team, Labeight*, who are our collaborators in launching the Public Relations Strategy. They specialize in supporting start-ups with financial, technical, and operational resources as they grow. As a result, keep an eye out for our Public Relations Strategies on our social media channels. Feel free to take part and provide comments on what you enjoyed.

Opening soon for financing!

With the Board expanding and the beta application nearing completion, financing grounds will be accessible to all interested parties. A growing business needs assistance to attain its full potential, therefore, we could use all the help we can receive to make digital assessment accessible to all schools.


With this brief newsletter, we wish you, your family, and your coworkers a wonderful holiday season.

Final Thought 🏁

Distracting messages aside, we do believe technology has a huge role to play when it comes to the future of exams and education in general. And, we hope E-Spaces can spearhead this future. Our AI-enabled digital platform ensures a more effective and personalized learning experience that parents and students would appreciate, and teachers would love.

More Updates

We are now part of Founders institute Alumni and are BETA testing our MVP with 8 Schools.

pilot funding e-spaces
Giving Back

We are changing lives in a developing country and feeding a School

giving back newsletter e-spaces

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