Do Students need a reformed education system for a changing world?

The case for a different approach to education and how technology plays its part Every year, thousands of young people sit SATs, GCSE, and A-Level exams which, to them, offer the most significant indication of their education and career options in their lives. It’s a level of stress that is becoming harder to deal with, and yet many believe it is still not being taken seriously enough. However, there is an equally important question to consider. Do students ultimately leave school prepared for the working world? Is the stress that is placed on these pupils the most effective way of educating them? This viral video, from back in November 2022, perfectly lays bare the struggles and pressure that young people are put under throughout their school years, but also ultimately how ill-prepared for the real world they are when they leave secondary school, due to an outdated school system that is geared towards remembering, rather than educating. This was a speech that a teenager, Izzy, was able to give at parliament as a youth MP in Wigan. While it’s great she was able to find a platform to state her case for educational reform, student representation in this debate is…

E-Spaces Newsletter Updates January 2023

E-spaces is accelerating, and soon launching sales! Fundraising! With the board at e-spaces expanding and the beta application nearing completion, we are almost closing half the funding round even before we open the round. In addition, we have received strong interest from several investors, including from one of the largest venture capital funds in the country, as a result, we are excited to see where the next year will take us. This is a wonderful opportunity to invest at what is an exciting time for the company. E-spaces has experienced rapid and significant growth over the past year, which culminated in us winning our first-ever award. Meanwhile, 10 schools signed up to help us on our journey through the BETA testing phase, with Innovate UK providing grant funding for both the BETA testing and the subsequent commercialization process. Working with Digital Catapult Digital Catapult recognized our potential as a business that can contribute towards huge economic growth with the right support. They are a UK authority that provides diverse businesses with the services they require to provide answers to their industry's unique difficulties. Through peer-to-peer networking, mentorship throughout important stages of growth, business strategy, and access to cutting-edge facilities, the…

Could head teachers be the next to go on strike?

School leaders in Wales have gone on strike to express their concerns about the future of education in the country. In 52% of cases, head teachers report being close to quitting. According to the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), a few junior teachers are willing to accept the vacant places. Thus creating a looming shortage of headteachers if this occurs. Can EdTech radically change this situation? The number of departing head teachers is alarming. For instance, of the headteachers hired in 2015, a total of 25% had left by 2020, while of those hired in 2011, no less than 21% had left after five years. That means the 75% who remain are part of the 52% who are considering quitting. How can they be helped to stay? Causes Increased Pressure The pressures of running a school have gradually increased over the last ten years, according to one resigned headteacher. Consider how these factors have affected headteachers. The first is budget cuts; over the past ten years, less and less money has been made available to schools for their use. As a result, headteachers have had to be constantly innovative in order to obtain many essential school supplies. Second, the…