End of 2022 Message by the CEO

end 2022 e-spaces newsletter

The Journey of 10,000 miles begins with but one step!

As we end 2022 and begin the BETA testing of e-spaces, we want to thank the schools that have helped us, our mentors, team, advisers, donors, and everyone else we have encountered thus far on this amazing adventure.

The year 2022 marked the end of the planning and preparation phase and actually planted the seed of eSpaces – our In Lesson Real-Time AI-Driven Automated Assessment Tool.

We graduated from Educate Ventures at the start of the year, and in March started two pilots with our prototype in two schools, that ran up to August, which led head teachers to remark, ‘You truly are onto something here,’ to our e-spaces Team. Also in March, we joined  The Founders Institute and learned firsthand what it took to manage a software firm from a brilliant Silicon Valley accelerator and its amazing London-based team. We also got to know more enthusiastic founders.

We emerged on the other side in August as  Alumni, well-trained and with powerful lifetime friends and mentors.

Joining Barclays Eagles, Hotbed Beta,  in September and Funding Accelerator, in November we further expanded to include a marketing team, a tech team, a financial team, a PR team, and a board of directors was the icing on the cake as we rounded the year.

We ended the year winning the best e-learning platform of 2022/23 in December, before our official launch in 2023.

Also in December, we won an innovative grant, to work with Sunderland Software City, and the much-learned Ashmita Randawa who has expertise in assessment in the UK schooling sector, and signed up 10 Schools to begin our initial trial in QI 2023, we are seeking a further 5 schools to join these and will be closing the door to taking on more trial schools by January 31, 2023, and with it a chance to be part of the free trials in Q2 2023.

Now we are equipped to enter 2023, a start-up ed-tech company ready to open our funding round registering strong investor interest, even before we open our funding round in Q1 of 2023.

As we say in rugby – ready ready ready, ready up!

2023 here we come!

We look forward to the wins and challenges, embracing them as they come, and knowing it will all be to build the app that will make taking marking and admin home for teachers, a thing of the past.

It really is not ‘normal’ for teachers to always take work home with them in this modern-day world where tech has made all other professions easier. It’s time we did this in teaching.

Prepared to join us?

We welcome applications to BETA to test our MVP from January to March 2023, Get in touch before the opportunity is gone.

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