E-Spaces Newsletter updates – November 2022

newsletter e-spaces November 2022

Steps toward launching our BETA version

The BETA version of our app is nearly ready to roll, and we are thrilled that five schools (soon to be eight – more info below) have now signed up to work with us throughout the testing process to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for both students and teachers.

Back in April, the National Education Union (NEU) published data on teachers, suggesting that 44% of respondents to a poll said they were planning on quitting the profession in the next five years. The heavy workload was a significant reason why.

It’s no wonder this is happening. While other industries are adapting to an increasingly technological world, most schools remain largely the same in approach, and the government is putting pressure on teachers to prepare students for more and more assessments. This means more marking and more administrative tasks that keep teachers busy for hours after the school day ends.

Our app is designed to combat this and give teachers their time back! Along with having plenty of pre-planned lessons to choose from, our platform will be the first rapid in-lesson live assessment tool to measure learning as teaching happens against predicted grades. Essentially, we are examining more so teachers mark less. Feedback is instant and stored as data, so homework can be personalized to the individual student.

This is an exciting time for E-spaces. If your school would like to join us in our mission to end teacher fatigue and increase student performance and engagement, let us know here.

We are Funded!

E-spaces is delighted to have been awarded a grant by Innovate UK to help aid our development as a growing business!

As well as our mission to end teacher burnout, our app will benefit the students themselves by them being able to receive feedback in real-time. This means stumbling blocks in their learning can be identified quicker, and targeted help can be given to help overcome them, increasing their confidence in the classroom.

So, as a result of this grant, we are thrilled to be working with Sunderland Software City and the lovely Ashmita Randhawa over the next few months, who is equally as passionate about bringing technology into schools to help inspire their learning.

We couldn’t have done this without the efforts of Clive Bourne, who championed and advised us throughout the whole application process. Thanks, Clive!

We’ve Been Nominated!

E-spaces is proud to announce it has been nominated for its first-ever award!

Corporate Livewire has been keeping the corporate sector informed with the latest news for the last decade, and hosts multiple awards ceremonies throughout the year that celebrate all types of businesses. Their Prestige Awards shine a light specifically on small and medium-sized businesses that have demonstrated great value to the greater economy.

As a company, this is a great step as we build awareness of who we are and the difference our product will make to the education system, and we are delighted to be considered.

We’re hiring!

We are still looking to add talented people to our excellent team, and we have two new positions ready to be filled:

Vice President of Sales

Key Account Manager

E-spaces have built an experienced and motivated team that has grown rapidly over the last few months as our product has taken shape. This is an excellent opportunity to join a burgeoning business, with a strong group of people who are committed to helping make a revolutionary change to how schools operate in the UK.

Support along our Journey from a team who have been there before

E-spaces has been enjoying connecting over the past few weeks at Hotbed Overrules, a 10-week program designed for women-led start-ups.

During this time, we have been networking and learning from other founders, partners and investors through a mix of workshops and clinic sessions, gaining insights into what investors look for when deciding to part with their money, with a chance to pitch our product at the very end of the program.

This has been a productive time as we get ever closer to launching our product and our first funding round.

Understanding the Fundraising Landscape and Making Connections

We have also been busy starting our funding journey with Barclays through their Eagle Labs program.

Eagle Labs provides a lot of support to start-up businesses across the UK, particularly those in technology and innovation. The program helps companies improve their understanding of the funding landscape and gives opportunities to connect with potential investors, including at an in-person event in London, which our founder, Yvonne, attended.

Moving Closer to Opening our Funding Round

We at E-spaces have also been working with Hatty Fawcett at Focused for Business, as we get ready to open our first funding round.

Hatty is highly experienced in start-ups, having started her own and worked for multiple start-ups in her career, and has looked after many investments. So she is in a great position to help advise and connect E-spaces as we prepare to take the next steps.

Our team is Growing!

E-spaces is rapidly gaining momentum, and as such we recently added a new addition to the company to help us navigate through a busy time.

Jay Jachukwu joined as the Operations Director of the company in October. He is helping coordinate business activities as we prepare to launch our app into schools, while also fundraising for the future.

This is an important period for E-spaces, and we are thrilled to have Jay joining us on board to help drive the company into the next phase.

Final Thought 🏁

Distracting messages aside, we do believe technology has a huge role to play when it comes to the future of exams and education in general. And, we hope E-Spaces can spearhead this future. Our AI-enabled digital platform ensures a more effective and personalized learning experience that parents and students would appreciate, and teachers would love.

More Updates

We are now part of Founders institute Alumni and are BETA testing our MVP with 8 Schools.

pilot funding e-spaces

Giving Back

We are changing lives in a developing country and feeding a school

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