E-spaces Newsletter Updates February 2023

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E-spaces was bustling with activity as the entire team geared up for a busy February 2023.

Beta testing has begun.

Our BETA testing has begun. This means the teachers and students from the schools that have signed up to try out, will be giving us feedback on our award-winning beta version of our digital real-time assessment application. Thrilling times!

We are eager to hear the feedback from the selected schools that are using the application that was created for teachers and students. We will then be able to gain valuable insights and measure its effectiveness, which will help us build an app for teachers and students.

We sincerely appreciate the participation of Herschel Grammar School, Greenford High School, the French School in London, Crosthwaithe Primary School, Gateshead College, and Sunderland College in this exciting journey.

There will be an exciting event, exclusive to our beta-testing schools, that will take place at the conclusion of the trial, and we are so excited to be able to share this in our next newsletter.


We have been preparing to open our funding round while the beta version of our product is being tested, and as a result, we have been invited to numerous events where we have practiced our pitch. This has generated a lot of interest in the market, both with news outlets and with investors. We are now in communications with interested parties even before we open our round, and we would welcome any interested parties to get in touch, either to give us some advice on our impending round or to express any interest or even to recommend who we should be speaking to within the investment space.

The feedback received from the headteachers and school leaders has been encouraging, as one noted, ‘I believe you are really on to something E-spaces’. Teachers and students are excited by the prospect of immediate feedback in lessons, a reduction in manual marking, and less workload.

We would be excited to work with investors who want to change the educational landscape with us.

Working with Digital Catapult

We will always be grateful to the team at Sunderland Software City, Dr. Ashmita Randawa, and Radu Gherasim from the Digital Catapult for collaborating with us at the start of our journey. We have been delighted to work with such a committed team that has poured so much into helping us as we work to realize the vision of making learning seamless, fun, and connected, assisting with the market research, and helping us towards commercialization. The huge strides we’ve been able to make as a company are proof of their help and mentoring.

Digital Catapult is a UK authority that provides diverse businesses with the services they need to solve their industry’s unique problems. The companies are assisted in growing through peer-to-peer networking, mentorship during critical stages of growth, business strategy, and access to cutting-edge facilities.

Alumni of the Female Founder Accelerator Program!

We were invited to join the cohort at the 2023 Barclays Eagles Labs Female Founders Program, an exciting 8-week experience with the Barclays Eagles Labs Female Founder Accelerator, in collaboration with AccelerateHER.

We are immensely thankful to AccelerateHER, a thriving network of female founders who are driven by the desire to support and advance the careers of talented female entrepreneurs.

The networking opportunities, knowledge, and mentors we are gathering during the masterclasses, along with exposure to investment options and being part of a community of upcoming female titans, have been indispensable. Our company’s foundations have been firmly established for excellence.

SETsquared partnership

The collaboration with the top business incubator in the world, SETsquared Scale Up Program, continues to progress. They are assisting us in transforming our innovative concept into a globally scalable tech company with introductions to university partnerships, funding options, and overall business scale up options and opportunities.

The program is already assisting us in better achieving our goal of making learning seamless, fun, and connected.

BETT 2023

As March finally approaches, the countdown to the British Educational Teaching and Technology (BETT) Show 2023 is gathering momentum. We are honored to have our product on display at the ExCeL Center in London!

We are looking forward to this chance to connect with a large audience, have a large number of schools visit our stand and trial our offers, providing valuable feedback, and hear about their experiences using our app’s beta version. Your feedback is always valuable to us.

Our fourth school in focus is out!

E-spaces has been running a series that focuses on particular schools and what they do to promote wellbeing among staff and students, their use of EdTech, and how that translates to academic success.

This month’s school in focus is St. Paul’s School. Find out how its holistic approach to education has reaped tangible benefits for its students and staff.

E-spaces in journal articles

Our start up has caught the eye of a number of publications, the work we do is steadily gaining recognition in the education sector and beyond. Check out some guest articles written by E-spaces in recent times:

Follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated on new developments as they happen.

P.S. Keep an eye out for a major news channel feature in the March newsletter. Do not miss it!

Final Thought 🏁

Distracting messages aside, we believe technology has a huge role to play when it comes to the future of exams and education in general. And, we hope E-Spaces can spearhead this future. Our AI-enabled digital platform ensures a more effective and personalized learning experience that parents and students would appreciate, and teachers would love.

More Updates

We are now part of the Barclays Eagles Labs Female Founder Accelerator, in partnership with AccelerateHER. We are BETA testing our MVP with 10 Schools.

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