A school Dashboard for tracking impact.


COVID-19 has prompted the widespread use of online teaching tools. An educational school dashboard is one of these tools—a virtual display of educational data for evaluating learning parameters. Teachers and students monitor and reflect on their actions to improve teaching and learning.

The design of the learning analytics dashboard identifies poor study habits, pedagogy, lesson design, and delivery. Then the school attends to these problems for the benefit of the student. However, there must be teacher-student engagement and a constant flow of information between the two. Typically this would mean a manually given test, quiz, or assignment. The advent of AI digital technology has simplified the assessment process by making tests and quizzes digital. Students receive their marks and performance results immediately. Thus, an easy determination of the impact of the learning process and a quick lesson adjustment to reach out to the lagging student can be made. Each student’s needs are identified and met.


Due to its many advantages, in October 2022, the DfE launched the pilot scale use of dashboards in the National Tutoring Program. The purpose of this program is to assist students who are behind in terms of understanding. A tool was necessary to see if the tutors make a difference and if students have caught up. The program will improve the accountability system for measuring tutor efforts. As we await the results of this 10-week program, what are your thoughts on such tools?

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